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Subject: New TC attendance rules

Hello UBL TC,

OASIS has just revised its rules for participation in TCs:


Summary: If you miss two TC meetings in a row, you are
automatically no longer a voting member.  If you attend two TC
meetings in a row, you are automatically a voting member.

This change, while not what many (including myself) desired, is at
least simpler to apply.  It is also unfortunately harder to
manage, particularly in our case because our weekly TC meeting is
actually split up over three time zones.

In keeping with our earlier decision to allow attendance at any of
the three weekly meetings to count as attendance that week, and to
make this process possible (I hope) to manage, I'm adopting the
following procedure:

At the end of each week, I will review attendance recorded at each
of the three weekly meetings.  Anyone who is found at that point
to have missed two weeks consecutively will lose voting status,
and anyone found to have attended two consecutive weeks who did
not previously have voting status will be given voting status.  In
each case, the revised status will apply for quorum and voting
purposes to the next week's round of meetings.  So, for example,
someone not a voting member who attends one week and then shows up
at a meeting the next week will still not be counted as a voting
member during that meeting; they will become a voting member only
after all of that week's TC calls have ended.  Similarly, any
voting member who fails to attend a meeting one week and is also
absent at a meeting the following week will still be counted as a
voting member during that meeting; their change of status from
voting to nonvoting will not become effective until the end of
that week's meetings.  In keeping with the Leave of Absence
provisions of the TC process ("voting rights shall resume
immediately upon the person returning from Leave"), voting members
who have been on leave of absence will count as voting members
again the instant they show up at their first meeting.

This is not necessarily the most desirable procedure in the
abstract, but it's about the maximum that I can actually hope to
keep up with.

Applying this procedure to the last two active weeks of TC calls
(the weeks of 18 and 25 July 2005) gives us the following list of
people who are counted as voting members for this week's TC
meeting in Ottawa:

   Jon Bosak
   Mikkel Brun
   Martin Burns
   Anthony Coates
   Mavis Cournane
   Mark Crawford
   Micah Dubinko
   Stephen Green
   Michael Grimley
   Anne Hendry
   Ken Holman
   Tim McGrath
   Sue Probert
   Zarella Rendon
   Paul Thorpe
   Sylvia Webb

By this reckoning, every plenary meeting in Ottawa this week has
been quorate.


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