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Subject: Code list schema

Hello UBL TC,

According to the schedule we adopted in Ottawa, we have till 22
August to decide on a schema for class 2 (external) code list


Tony Coates has copied us on his 2004 proposal:


Tony's proposed code list schema (CodeList.xsd) supports vastly
more functionality than what we need for UBL and is therefore
quite a bit more complex than what we actually need.  On the other
hand, his example of a UBL code list (in codelists.html) looks
quite reasonable.

I'd like to use the whole schema because it would suit a broad
range of adopter needs, but I'm worried about our ability to
construct the XSLT transform from code list instances to
Schematron assertions, which we've committed to do for UBL 2.0.
So, two questions:

 - Is it possible to define a simpler schema for use in UBL,
   instances of which would also validate against the full schema
   proposed by Tony?

 - Or should we adopt the entire proposed schema but limit our own
   tools and instances entirely to a subset?

I don't actually like the effect of either of these two
alternatives on our ability to reference arbitrary compliant
external code lists.  Would it really be as hard to develop an
XSLT transform for the general case as I'm fearing?


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