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Subject: SV: [ubl] Code list schema

>Tony Coates has copied us on his 2004 proposal:

>   http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/ubl/200508/msg00062.html

okay after a cursory look over the contents I think a transform into various
schema languages is doable. 

>I'd like to use the whole schema because it would suit a broad
>range of adopter needs, but I'm worried about our ability to
>construct the XSLT transform from code list instances to
>Schematron assertions, which we've committed to do for UBL 2.0.

The schematron assertions should be reasonably easy to do.
However their usefulness in this context is somewhat limited given that 

1. The codelists they will represent could be just as easily represented in
2. The usefulness of schematron where codelists are concerned is that the
the content can be validated dependent on the code. Thus if the code is
EAN-13 we can control the content is a correctly formulated EAN-13.
3. I'm not picking it up here but a recurring pattern is: attribute a is
code scheme, attribute b is type under scheme defined in attribute a,
content shifts dependent on both attributes - if this is possible can Tony
or someone show me an instance? For example if we wish to represent that the
unit of measure used for the element in question is ampere tum per
centimetre we might give 
IIRC listID="73" listAgencyID="UOM"  - (not sure if that's correct, but you
get the picture)

> - Is it possible to define a simpler schema for use in UBL,
>   instances of which would also validate against the full schema
>   proposed by Tony?

one of the things that came up in the phone meeting last week was that some
people were confused by usage of the word schema, sometimes to define an
instance of W3C schema, sometimes to define W3C schema itself, and sometimes
to define some other language. I must confess I find myself confused by this
sometimes, as there are enough things already in the world to confuse me can
we come up with some way to refer to our various forms of schema. I would
support the use of Scheme for any 'template'
tbat is not in W3C schema. Also it would be good if we closer defined what
type of scheme we meant. 

So anyway if it's discomfort with the structure of Tony's Codelist Scheme I
had thought that what I would maybe do if I was doing it would be to produce
just flat out codelist XSD's with embedded schematron as example documents. 

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