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Subject: Re: [ubl] RE: Uploaded Procurement model spreadsheets

if it helps, my understanding is that all entries in the procurement and common spreadsheets (and eventually also the transportation spreadsheet)) will create one CAC and CBC schema - so i guess that is one EDIFIX model as well. 

also, please let us know what the circular references are as they may need to be resolved.

Sylvia Webb wrote:

I am having a temporary problem loading these spreadsheets into EDIFIX. The
problem is that it doesn't know if one or two data models should be created
with the Reusable and the Procurement Reusable spreadsheets. There seems to
be a circular reference. We cannot proceed any further until we get some
clarifications about what to do. 

Since the Procurement Subcommittee may not be able to discuss this before
the week is over, I will request that it be placed on the Atlantic TC
meeting agenda later today.


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I find I cannot upload a document to the site so in the meantime I've added
it to the main site at

All the best


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Subject: Request to join UBL Procurement SC Approved

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