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Subject: SBS 'phase 1' content

I just noticed the schedule has for this last
week 'Vote phase 1 SBS content'. Should this
be now part of the overall model agreement
which is due? I would propose that the SBS
content be agreed as part of overall phase 1
agreement of content. I took the overall
approach of keeping as much as possible to
the UBL 1.0 SBS content for UBL 2.0
documents which were part of UBL 1.0 and
of trying to make the SBS for new 2.0
documents consistent with the same. I
incorporated some additions to UBL 1.0 SBS
content due to inclusion of new BIEs which
have been added in 2.0 (such as those due to
Tax XML TC comments). Some differences
from the SBS 1.0 do exist  but these are few.
All the best
Stephen Green

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