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Subject: Re: [ubl] AW: UBL/CEFACT Negotiation strategy - the way forward?

Hello Michael,

I appreciate the difficult position these negotiations have put
you in.  Thanks from all of us for your efforts.  I imagine that
CEFACT will want to reconstitute the team differently in any event
now that we're working under an MoU.

Best regards,


   From: "Michael Dill" <dill2@gefeg.com>
   Date: Sat, 27 Aug 2005 02:08:58 +0200

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   Von: Michael Dill [mailto:dill@gefeg.com]
   Gesendet: Samstag, 27. August 2005 02:08
   An: jon.bosak@sun.com
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   jean_luc_champion@yahoo.com; Ubl List (E-mail)
   Betreff: AW: UBL/CEFACT Negotiation strategy - the way forward?

    Dear Jon,
   as you know, I'm deeply involved in the CCTS support in both camps (e.g.
   having chair and project leader positions in CEFACT, being HoD of TC154,
   producing UBL XML schema and supporting ATG2 NDR, CCTS data models etc.).

   I feel that there is a certain conflict of interest in being a member of the
   negotiating team. Therefore, I am submitting my resignation as a negotiating
   team member.

   However, to have only one, harmonized CCTS and Library approach would be the
   best solution. It will already be difficult to integrate or overcome all the
   legacy XML.

   best regards,
   Michael Dill

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