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Subject: Minutes for Europe/Asia TC meeting Wednesday 31st August


Mikkel Brun
Sue Probert
Michael Dill
Peter Borresen
Tim McGrath

 Additions to the calendar (http://ibiblio.org/bosak/ubl/calendar.htm)
TBG 17 will meet October 31 - November 4th in Copenhagen
and also February 13 to Febraury 17th 2006 in Washington
ATG2 will meet sometime in January 2006 in Australia
TMG will also meet sometime in January 2006 in Australia

 Liaison reports
Noted that the TaxXML position paper was distributed

 Subcommittee reports (including the new Procurement and Transportation 
Procurement SC will try and complete the model loading into EDIFIX this 
week (we think we are 1 week behind the schedule)
Transportation SC are working on merging the two models and removing 
unnecessary structures from the DTTN model.

 Team reports
Catalogue team will report weekly on progress

 Review of Asia/Pacific and Atlantic TC minutes
No comment

* Document Models
Peter B has completed and distributed the draft 2.0 extended procurement 
Sylvia is loading them into EDIFIX and will instruct Betty on how to do 
Michael raised some concerns about the content of the procurement models:
a. how will we deal with "standalone" BBIEs (those not define as re-usable)?
Tim suggested we define these in the Common Basic Component schema but 
Michael sought a modelling level solution.  Agreed to continue the 
discussion offline until we had defined a position for the TC to consider.
b. How can we have multiple definitions for "Party" (eg BuyerParty, 
SellerParty and Party)?
This appears to be a question of whether we want to extend ABIEs when we 
re-use them (BuyerParty extends Party) or only allow restriction (Party 
must contain all BBIEs and BuyerParty is then a restriction).  Tim 
suggested it was acadmeic for UBL 2.0 as we had to support exist 
extensions.  The question of whether we should allow only extension, 
only restriction or both was unresolved.  Sue noted that CEFACT have 
adopted a "only restriction" approach to their models.
c. Michael made a point that the GS1 catalogue/pricelist models were 
worthy of consideration.
Tim noted that a representative from GS1 had participated in the 
Copenhagen workshop and contributed many useful ideas.  We had to adapt 
these to fit in with UBL 1.0 (and now 2.0) models as well.

We will try and gain back some slippage in the schema generation stage 
as initial tests appear promising.

NDR issues for review in tomorrow's meetings.
* code lists
It was noted that any comments on the new NDR document are due now.
Michael raised a concern about the decision to adopt ATG2 Unqualified 
data types meant the modeling of these was outside UBL's control.  He 
felt this meant that other implementations of CCTS may not be 
interoperble becaseu UBL releied on schema level compatibility rather 
than conceptual level.
Tim suggested that we had delegated low grained models (like Date, Time, 
Code, etc..) as data types to CEFACT becasue we hoped every XML 
implementation of CCTS would use the same schemas.  We now considered 
our models stopped at that level.

4. Other items

tim mcgrath
phone: +618 93352228  
postal: po box 1289   fremantle    western australia 6160

DOCUMENT ENGINEERING: Analyzing and Designing Documents for Business Informatics and Web Services

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