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Subject: RE: [ubl] Paper versions of new document types in UBL 2.0

Hi Jon,
TSC is considering to include Packing List, Transport Instruction and
Freight Invoice. A decision will be made at the next TSC concall next
Wednesday (12/10).


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From: jon.bosak@sun.com [mailto:jon.bosak@sun.com] 
Sent: Friday, October 07, 2005 1:05 AM
To: ubl@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: [ubl] Paper versions of new document types in UBL 2.0

Hello UBL TC,

I've been asked by the HISC to put out a call for samples of paper
documents corresponding to the new document types in UBL 2.0 so
that HISC can begin to design mappings from electronic to paper
representations like the ones in UBL 1.0.  We would prefer to map
to UN Layout Key versions, but for most of the new documents in
UBL 2.0, it appears that UN Layout Keys do not exist.

As of today, it appears that the new documents in UBL 2.0 will be
as follows:

   Request for Catalogue
   Reject Request for Catalogue
   Catalogue Replacement
   Catalogue Deletion
   Catalogue Item Update
   Catalogue Pricing Update
   Negative Receipt
   Positive Receipt
   Request for Classification Scheme
   Reject Request for Classification Scheme
   Classification Scheme
   Request for Quotation
   Credit Note
   Account Response
   Debit Note
   Self Billed Invoice
   Self Billing Credit Note
   Remittance Advice
   Statement of Account
   Bill of Lading
   Forwarding Instruction
   Certificate of Origin

This message is just to confirm in advance of posting to other
lists (a) that these are in fact the new documents in UBL 2.0, and
(b) that there are in fact (as far as we know) no UNLK versions of
these documents.  Please let me know ASAP if either of these
assumptions is incorrect.


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