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Subject: More code list questions about NDR, and about genericode

Work is progressing well, but I've hit a snag not realizing naming 
and design rules about the naming of metadata properties for code 
list values.  So far it would appear my value checking is working 
entirely when I don't consider versioning of the code lists.  Then 
after this is when I trip over NDR questions.

Take, for example, in Order, the following three information items 
from UBL 1.0 Order and their associated code list meta data 
attributes:  @amountCurrencyID (Item 15.2), @quantityUnitCode (Item 
16.1), and cac:CountrySubentityCode (Item 63):

15   /po:Order/cbc:LineExtensionTotalAmount
15.1 /po:Order/cbc:LineExtensionTotalAmount/@amountCurrencyCodeListVersionID
15.2 /po:Order/cbc:LineExtensionTotalAmount/@amountCurrencyID

16   /po:Order/po:TotalPackagesQuantity
16.1 /po:Order/po:TotalPackagesQuantity/@quantityUnitCode
16.2 /po:Order/po:TotalPackagesQuantity/@quantityUnitCodeListAgencyID
16.3 /po:Order/po:TotalPackagesQuantity/@quantityUnitCodeListAgencyName
16.4 /po:Order/po:TotalPackagesQuantity/@quantityUnitCodeListID

63   /po:Order/cac:BuyerParty/cac:Party/cac:Address/cac:CountrySubentityCode

My quandary is figuring out the automation of which code list 
attributes are to be tested for which information items based on codes.

(1) why does @amountCurrencyID have only 
@amountCurrencyCodeListVersionID and not others such as 
(2) why doesn't @quantityUnitCode have 
@quantityUnitCodeListAgencyName and not others such as 
(3) why don't the meta data attributes of CountrySubentityCode have 
any prefix at all and just have "@codeListName"?
(4) why do I use only "amountCurrency" when prefixing 
"CodeListVersionID", as contrasted with using "quanityUnit" when 
prefixing "CodeListAgencyID" ... is the rule I remove the last "ID" 
or "Code" from the information item name before adding the suffix?

I've looked in NDR Section 6 of cd-UBL-NDR-1.0Rev1b.pdf under "Code 
Lists" without any clues to the answers to the above questions.

And compare UBL meta data with identification fields from a sample 
genericode file:

       <LongName>ISO 4217 Alpha</LongName>

I note five identification items in genericode, so I assume I map 
them as follows:

   genericode ShortName  ==  UBL xxxxxCodeListID
   genericode LongName == UBL xxxxxCodeListName
   genericode Version == UBL xxxxxCodeListVersionID
   genericode CanonicalUri == UBL xxxxxCodeListURI
   genericode CanonicalVersionUri == UBL xxxxxCodeListSchemeURI

Tony, can you confirm this is all of the version checking that I need 
to do when using a genericode file to express the values in a UBL instance?

My methodology has been to respect code list meta data attributes 
when present, matching them with genericode items when present, and 
accepting values without checking meta data properties when either a 
particular meta data attribute is not present or a particular 
genericode identification field is not present.

My problem is now down to the naming of the meta data attributes.

Would the following be acceptable?

(1) for @xxxxxID remove "ID" and suffix with "Code..." from 
genericode table above as appropriate
(2) for @xxxxxCode remove "Code" and suffix with "Code..." from 
genericode table above as appropriate
(3) for <xxxxx> suffix with "code..." from genericode table above as 

Unfortunately, this introduces my need to know if the XPath address 
given by the user is addressing an element or an attribute (which is 
not at all straightforward when examining the infinite XPath address 
syntax for clues).

Thanks for help with these answers so that I can progress.

. . . . . . . . . Ken

World-wide on-site corporate, govt. & user group XML/XSL training.
G. Ken Holman                 mailto:gkholman@CraneSoftwrights.com
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