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Subject: Minutes of Atlantic UBL TC call 12 October 2005

15H00 - 17H00 UTC WEDNESDAY 12 OCTOBER 2005


   Peter Borresen
   Jon Bosak (chair)
   Mikkel Brun
   Marty Burns
   Christian Christensen
   Tony Coates
   Mavis Cournane
   Mark Crawford
   Stephen Green
   Mike Grimley
   Tim McGrath
   Zarella Rendon
   Andy Schoka
   Paul Thorpe
   Sylvia Webb


   Additions to the calendar:

      It was noted that next Saturday is Smokeybunny's second

      MarkC: ATG: F2F the week of Jan 16 in Wollongong; June, ATG
      meeting, location TBD

      MikkelB: 25 Nov UK EU presidency eGov conference; will
      present on Danish case study and UBL in track on
      eprocurement.  Also PSC F2F in Copenhagen on Friday.

      JB: Gave a UBL presentation yesterday to the New England
      Electronic Commerce Users' Group; seemed to be well

   Liason report: ebBP TC

      SG: Was asked yesterday in ebBP whether there are further
      thoughts on "logical documents." ebBP treats a doc as a
      state or a trigger, something that symbolizes something in a
      process; so it's not particularly interested so much in the
      use of a particular standard as in what it signifies in
      terms of the process. In order for UBL to wk in that sort of
      requirement, there needs to be some concession to the
      document-oriented approach, so SG is asking to ebBP to add
      an attribute for (for example) the SBS in addition to
      pointing to a UBL doc.  The ebBP are asking for examples
      where UBL might work better in the ebBP contexts. See SG
      mail from a few days ago; TimM responded, and they have had
      a few other inputs offline.  They asked SG to request more
      input in this meeting.

   Liaison report: TC154

      MarkC: Plenary: included UBL update... Big things out of the

       - Resolutions targeted at oasis, specifically wrt OASIS
         participation in workings of TC154 and need to keep ISO
         versions of standards in lockstep with OASIS

       - WRT submission of standards for fast tracking, TC154
         recognizes the MoU as [stating that] CEFACT is the
         developer of business content, so would not take
         submissions such as the UBL library or the OAGIS library
         for fast tracking; note that this would not preclude UBL
         from submitting the UBL NDRs as an ISO standard

      The issue of an ISO semantic vocabulary was also discussed.
      CCTS is now a joint activity of CEFACT (Gunther Stuhec) and
      TC154 (MarkC and Mary Kay Blantz).

   Liaison report: UN/CEFACT Forum in Lyon

      MarkC: Klaus von Riegen, director of web services standards
      at SAP, gave a presentation on SAP perspective on CEFACT in
      which he publicly stated that SAP is using CEFACT CC's and
      CEFACT NDRs in their enterprise services. This is an
      endorsement of the methodology that we have been building
      UBL on.  The presentation is available from the CEFACT Forum
      website (disa.org, then select CEFACT on the left).

   Subcommittee reports: HISC, SBSC, PSC, TSC

      JB: See Pacific minutes.

   Team report: Code lists

      TonyC: Have been sick this week, so little progress.  GKH
      sent a question, but haven't had a chance to look at it.

      MartyB: Has the group discussed a reference set of

      JB: It's in the minutes that I haven't had time to put out

      MartyB: We need to agree on a reference set of docs so that
      we can demo the solution and develop a regression test.

   Team report: Digital signatures

      PB: Have received a reply from Kama...  Still clarifying the
      requirements.  Note that the digsig methodology must be
      aligned with PSC as well as TSC.  We hope to have a proposal
      on 10/24.

      JB: We need to stage a discussion on this across the SCs
      when the content work is done, during public review of the

   Team report: Catalogue

      TM: Today was the first day of the two-day workshop. Still
      on track to sync with PSC. A good meeting that included
      participants from France and Italy.

      TM to SW: Any progress with schema generation?

      SW: Waiting for corrected spreadsheets.  SG will be doing a
      tech reveiw of all the SSs.  Can't create models from what I
      have; need the work on qualified schema finished.

      TM: PB and I will get something to you tomorrow.

   Review of Pacific and Europe/Asia calls

      JB: Apologize again for falling behind with the minutes.

   Schedule review

      JB: (Gives verbal review of milestones in revised schedule
      for the normative pieces)


   ACTION: BR to contact MavisC with input from Denmark regarding
   minor versioning.


   ACTION: TC members visiting NYC in October or November to check
   out the Sun facilities and see whether they are suitable for a
   UBL TC meeting.  JB will be coming through in mid-November and
   will also check then.


   ACTION: NDR editors to discuss minor versioning in email;
   MavisC to set up the discussion for this week.

      See AI at end of these minutes.

   ACTION: TimM to send email to get some examples from Sweden
   showing use of code lists (as attributes, as elements, etc.)

      TimM: Did ask, and TonyC has received a response; done.


   UNUBL preliminary plan

      After a lengthy discussion, the TC resolved as follows:

         AGREED: To proceed on the basis of the preliminary
         strategy and action plan outlined in the 6 October
         document from Mark Palmer and to authorize the creation
         of a detailed plan to be further reviewed.

   Minor versioning

      ACTION: NDR editors to consult and then post a message to
      kick off a discussion next week.

Jon Bosak

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