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Subject: Filling some big shoes

Hello UBL TC,

I'm sure you're all as sorry as I am to see Mark Crawford leave
UBL and that you hope, as I do, that he can soon rejoin us.

The fact is that I have even more reason to grieve than the rest
of you, because now I have to fill a vice chair position that has
become open for the first time since we started the UBL TC.

I've asked Tim McGrath whether he'd be willing to play this role,
which would be a natural extension of the technical work he's been
doing all this time and would also make use of the relationships
he's built over the last year in Europe and Asia.  Tim has kindly
agreed to allow me to put his name into nomination.

If anyone else is interested in the position of UBL vice chair,
please contact me directly before next Wednesday's Atlantic TC
call.  We'll take this up formally next week after I see who's


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