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Subject: TBG3 resolution

Hello UBL TC,

I'm pleased to report that UN/CEFACT TBG Working Group 3
(Transport) resolved as follows at its recent meeting in Lyon:

   Resolution 1 - Cooperation with UBL-TSC (Transportation

   TBG3 acknowledges the desire of UBL-TSC to build on the basis
   of the business knowledge existing in TBG3 and resolves to
   cooperate with UBL-TSC in any standardisation XML/EDI
   development that relates to the Transport/Logistics
   domain. This includes exchanging information about work plan,
   priorities and defining how to market the deliverables in a
   comprehensive way so that it is clear to the global transport

   With reference to the TBG3 resolution submitted at the
   UN/CEFACT Forum in March 2005, TBG3 expects TBG/FMG to conclude
   the agreement between OASIS/UBL and UN/CEFACT regarding their
   overall working relationship.

This evidence of closer cooperation with our counterparts in
CEFACT cannot fail to cheer those working toward convergence in
this area.  Thanks are due to Tim McGrath for representing UBL so
ably in the talks with TBG3 that led to this outcome.


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