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Subject: Item for agenda: SBS / review

Could I please request the addition to the Pacific Call agenda 
of consideration of what next for the 1.0 SBS? The first review
is just ending, I believe, today. We have a draft 'cs' package
which, with a couple of minor changes, could be submitted for
a second, 15 day public review, could it not?

The changes, I believe, are:
1. amended content (Percent added) - in draft 'cs' package - a substantive change
(hence need for further 15 days of public review?)
non-substantive changes
2. change from 'xsd' to 'xsdrt' in examples (owing to xsd problem pointed out by Altova and others)
3. change to ebBP example (owing to improvements in latest draft of ebBP)

Many thanks

Stephen Green

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