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Subject: UBL 2.0 Support Package

Hello UBL TC,

In pursuit of my action item to create a separate schedule for the
informative components of UBL 2.0, I've come up with the outline
below.  Let's add this to what we'll be discussing in this week's
Pacific TC call.  I need confirmation of the work list and some
estimates of how long it will take to complete each item.



Proposed UBL 2.0 Support Package


   The package is to achieve the status of an OASIS Committee
   Specification by the time that UBL 2.0 is ratified as an OASIS
   Standard (estimated to occur September 2006). Localized
   materials such as the UBL 2.0 International Data Dictionary are
   considered part of a separate project (call it the UBL 2.0
   Localization Support Package), work on which will begin after
   UBL 2.0 Standardization.

Documents (candidates for eventual standardization)

   Code List Specification
   Customization Methodology
   Naming and Design Rules
   Small Business Subset

Human interface materials

   Sample instances
   Input specs and input forms
   Output specs and output stylesheets
   Sample printouts

Other materials

   Code list implementation guide
   UBL class diagrams
   ASN.1 schema
   Generic UBL agreement (U.S.)

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