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Subject: RE: [ubl] Incomplete draft of UDT spreadsheet and more complete QDTspreadsheet

Hi Stephen,

Thanks for your efforts.

I have created draft uDT and qDT data models and spreadsheets. I'm in the
process of creating a change log and will have them to the list by Monday
for further review.

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From: Stephen Green [mailto:stephen_green@bristol-city.gov.uk] 
Sent: Wednesday, October 26, 2005 9:07 AM
To: swebb@gefeg.com
Cc: ubl@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: [ubl] Incomplete draft of UDT spreadsheet and more complete

Hi Sylvia

It's clear I'm not going to be able to finish these before I have to go on a
few days vacation. I've not finished the UDT - if you want to continue with
it it's all yours but if I hear nothing from you to the contrary I'll
continue it when I get back. There are some typos in the draft schema I was
referencing from ATG2 (UDT) so I think we need to inform
ATG2 unless a more recent version has the corrections already. Any idea?

I think I've possibly done enough though to help with loading the QDTs (you
might have to delete for now the incomplete rows/UDTs) for testing at least.

The QDT spreadsheet is more complete - I didn't attempt to remove values for
external codelists  - I'll leave that (to others?) for the next stage. I
added values from the UBL schemas as comma separated values (I used xslt and
the 1.0 code schemas). These are 1.0 values so there may be changes (as per
the F2F issues list) necessary - again, for the content stage.

I also removed the Currency Code into a separate spreadsheet (just an idea).

I attach my simple XSLT in case it helps in future with extracting code
values from the schemas.

Sorry but I'll out of email contact for a few days now.

All the best 


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