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Subject: Minutes of Pacific UBL TC call 1 November 2005

00H30 - 02H30 UTC TUESDAY 1 NOVEMBER 2005


   Jon Bosak (chair)
   Stephen Green
   G. Ken Holman
   Tim McGrath (vice chair)
   Andy Schoka


   Additions to the calendar:

      TM: Spoke at the OASIS conference in Sydney to an audience
      of 30-40 people.  At least three organizations approached to
      say they are working with UBL.  Definite signs of grassroots

   Subcommittee report: SBSC

      SG: SBS 1.0 package is ready, uploaded to SBSC site; if no
      objections from SC, will forward to TC as proposed CD2.

   Subcommittee report: PSC

      TM: Met yesterday, started to address some of the EF errors;
      have now concluded all the issues out of the issues list for
      2.0.  Now just fixing up integrity probs identified by EF.
      Plan is to incorporate the catalogue material before
      submitting the final process models at the end of next week.
      A bit more work to do on QDT.

   Subcommittee report: TSC

      AS: No telcon this week.  Meetings are now on Wednesdays at
      9 a.m. Singapore time (8 p.m. EST Tuesday).

   Team report: Catalogue

      TM: Call later today.  The team intends to sign off on
      catalogue content models and submit their proposal to the

   Team report: Code Lists

      Ken: Going slowly due to time constraints; OK except for
      that.  Will report on progress next week.

   Review of Atlantic and Europe/Asia calls

      No comments.

   Schedule review

      TM: April TC meeting: an offer has been made by CEN/ISSS to
      host in Brussels, but this is not on the schedule.  Are we
      going to Vancouver instead?

      JB: Brussels accidentally fell off the schedule during
      revision; I need to put it back on.  We decided a while ago
      that we would not be holding a UBL TC meeting at the March
      CEFACT Forum in Vancouver; we're just sending some people to

      TM: Both TBG1 and TBG3 have scheduled a morning to work with
      UBL, so we want to have someone from Procurement and someone
      from Transportation there.

      ACTION: JB to send messages to PSC and TSC asking for people
      who can attend the Vancouver CEFACT Forum.

      TM: We will probably get people in Europe for the TC meeting
      in Brussels, but neither JB nor TM can attend, so we will
      need to work out who will run it.

      ACTION: JB to discuss the Brussels meeting in the Atlantic
      call and see who can commit to attend.

      TM: We also have an offer from CrimsonLogic to host in

      JB: Have sent message to Kama noting that we welcome the
      opportunity but are not sure of the timing yet.

      SG: Will send the projected SBS 2.0 timeline for the Support
      Package schedule.


   ACTION: SG and SW to create a UBL UDT spreadsheet that
   describes everything in the ATG2 UDT schema, ignoring what UBL
   currently has for UDT and QDT, and then create the UBL QDT
   using the same structure.

      SG: Almost finished.

      TM: And this has enabled SW to load other spreadsheets, so
      we're now moving ahead.

   ACTION: SG and SW to manually update the CC parameter schema.


   ACTION: TM to document the spreadsheet structure and format by
   first week of November.  This means a prose description of each
   column in the spreadsheets that we are now using.

      TM: There is already a prose description in the
      spreadsheets.  SW was to review whether this is appropriate.

   ACTION: JB to revise the UBL 2.0 schedule to separate the core
   2.0 package from the informative materials.

      Core done; informative depends on time estimates requested
      in the message regarding the support package.

Jon Bosak

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