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Subject: Re: [ubl] How does an OrderResponse show orderacceptance/rejection?

Greetings UBL TC

This issue arises because the ebBP TC are seeking
to improve their 'drop-ship' example of a business
process definition for use of UBL 1.0 documents in
a drop-ship or marketplace environment and I have
pointed out the need to correct some of the details
of the process's 'condition expressions'


The condition expressions denote the conditions
which act as the basis for decisions at forks in the
process and acceptance or rejection of the order
is a key one of these.

The ebBP TC would welcome any help from the UBL 
TC in advising on these conditions. I would like to help
pin down exactly how a UBL 1.0 Order, OrderResponse 
and OrderResponseSimple relate to each other in a 
typical process, for instance:

Since the UBL 1.0 documentation states that the
OrderResponseSimple is the document to use by
the Seller to show rejection or acceptance of the 
order whereas it states that the OrderResponse is
to be used to alter the line of the order (with no
mention of using it to show acceptance or rejection
and no apparent way in the document or lines of
an OrderResponse to cater for this), I'd like to
understand whether there is therefore a logical 
weakness, with 1.0, in using the OrderResponse 
enumeration of the AcknowledgementResponseCode 
in an Order. The latter would have the weakness,
it seems, in limiting the response to just OrderResponse
so that there is then no way to properly signal
acceptance or rejection of the Order (in the business
document layer).

If this is a weakness, then this ebBP exercise, I think,
is providing a good opportunity for UBL to receive
valuable implementation feedback of sorts and it might
be that it leads to improvements in 2.0 (for the second
committee draft, at this stage, I suppose) and this particular
case shows that we may need to question whether the
2.0 process should emphasise the possibility of using
the OrderResponse to show rejection/acceptance of an
Order - the OrderResponseSimple does provide for this
functionality but does the OrderResponse?. Alternatively
we might want to ensure that OrderResponse has this
functionailty and if not then, besides changing the 
documentation of the process, we might want to
reconsider the inclusion in the Order, etc of the 
AcknowledgementResponseCode or reconsider its

All the best

Stephen Green

>>> "Stephen Green" <stephen_green@bristol-city.gov.uk> 09/11/05 11:18:24 >>>
Looking at how all the documents of UBL 1.0 might
be used together in a business process, I come across
a problem: if the Order has its 
AcknowledgementResponseCode set to "OrderResponse" 
by the Buyer, how would the OrderResponse indicate
whether the Order has been accepted or rejected?
(OrderResponseSimple has AcceptedIndicator)

Thanks for any light anyone can shed on this.

All the best

Stephen Green

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