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Subject: RE: [ubl] For review: Revised Version *Element* Rules

> I see the version of the schema as a property or characteristic of the instance and not a data element of the document element.  I know there is quite the religion around whether an information item should be an attribute or should be an element, but for something like a version characteristic, I feel strongly this should be an attribute.

I agree in principle. The reason for the change from attribute to element is it was brought to the group's attention that some *may* argue that having an attribute which does not convey CCTS Supplementary Component information may make us noncompliant with the CCTS. I argued that whether a BBIE is represented by an element or attribute is an implementation issue and not covered by the CCTS; however, the group agreed it would be best to use an element rather than enter into a prolonged discussion about this issue.

> And I think that default values in schemas should be avoided and the instance rule is sufficient...

This was added as a convenience for those whose tools support default values.


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