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Subject: A reasonable example of drop-ship UBL 1.0 ordering process?

Greetings UBL TC/UBL-DEV (cc ebBP TC)

I'm looking at an example definition of an ebBP 2.0.1 business
process for a fictitious UBL 1.0 dropship trading scenario,
based on the example the last ebBP spec included in 
Appendix A (developed by J. Dean E. P. Hemopo) and I've
treid to change it a bit to bring it more in line with the details
of UBL 1.0. 

Would anyone like to comment on the attached diagram.
It isn't supposed to be exactly accurate (it demonstrates
ebBP more, probably, than UBL 1.0) but if it does miss
the mark for UBL good practise please let us know. The 
parts in red are those I've particularly amended. This
version just covers ordering (the original deals with fulfillment
and billing too, providing examples of complex choreography).

I'd be interested in any comments too on how actual,
expressly usable business process definitions could be
created for UBL 1.0 for later addition to an ebBP package
or supplementary package. My own ideas so far are:
1. just use a simple buyer-seller scenario but try to make
    the defintions so modular that they can be combined
    somehow for use by drop-ship vendors if necessary
2  distinguish full UBL from UBL SBS so that either can be
3  base definitions on usage of each document or set of
    related documents so that some can choose to adopt
    one or a few documents only and get use out of the
4  possibly allow for includes of the definitions within other 
(All this would be using ebBP 2.0.1)
Maybe this could be developed a little more on ubl-dev.

Many thanks

Stephen Green


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