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Subject: Fw: [ATG2] Minutes and Action Items from Today's ATG2 Call

Forwarded per an action item from today's Atlantic TC call
relating to our use of ATG2 code list and CCTS schemas.



Date:         Mon, 14 Nov 2005 06:54:36 -0800
From: "Crawford, Mark" <mark.crawford@SAP.COM>
Subject: [UNCEFACT-ATG] [ATG2] Minutes and Action Items from Today's ATG2 Call


We held our call today as scheduled.  During the call we discussed the current candidate Code List Schema and reviewed issues related to the latest version (28 October) of the NDR.

1.  Token vs. Normalized String.  The current candidate code list schema use token.  In August we agreed to change to normalized string.  After discussion today, we agreed that Token would be a better choice since it is more restrictive.  We did this because we agreed that as our target audience for our NDRs is primarily CEFACT code list schema, we wanted to be restrictive as possible.  We reviewed the notes from the 29 August call where the decision to switch from normalized string to token took place and found no real justification for the switch other than a comment from Sue that there were some identifier lists that might have white space.  As it stands right now, if I don't hear any compliants on this returning to our original use of token,  we will correct the NDR to reflect token vice normalized string as the base for codes and identifiers.  If someone in ATG feels strongly about this and wishes to provide justification for the alternative, please do so prior to our n!
 ext call on Monday, 21 November.

2.  Copyrights for code and identifier lists that belong to someone else.  We are publishing code lists for various ISO codes.  Currently we show no acknowledgement of any copyrights that might already exist.  We need to ensure we are not violating copyrights held by the legitimate code list owners.  Jostein is asked to liaison with Mr. François Vuilleumier to ensure we are in conformance with any ISO restrictions.

3.  Code List corrections.  Gunther will fix the element declarations in each of the code lists to be more explicit.  He will delete empty elements where occuring.  He will change the definition elements to description elements to align with the NDR.  He will capitalize <annotation><documentation> element names to follow UCC convention.

4.  NDR Corrections.  Rules 177 and 195 are somewhat ambiguous and don't follow the convention we have established for <annotation><documentation> rules.  Paula will correct to align with convention, will change the <Name> element to mandatory and the <Description> element to optional.  She will also fix the examples.

5.  Identifier List section on restriction.  Mark still has outstanding.  Needs to be submitted by Friday this week.

6.  Section 5.4 example.  Gunther has for action to correct.

7.  Mark's affiliation.  Paula to change to SAP Labs U.S.

To All - If you haven't read the IV version dated 28 October - you need to do so this week.  I want to get the approved and posted to the website so we can finish the IV period.  Please try and be on nexts week call - I expect ALL ATG voting members to be on the call.

Mark Crawford
SAP Standards Architect
Office: 703:680-9320
Mobile: 703 655-4810
Chair: ISO 15000-5 ebXML Core Components
Chair, UN/CEFACT Core Components Harmonization Project
Vice Chair UN/CEFACT Applied Technologies Group
Chair UN/CEFACT XML Syntax Working Group

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