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Subject: Denmark won the eEurope Award for electronic invoicing using UBL

Dear all,

I am very happy to tell you that Denmark received the eEurope Award in the
category "Government readiness" for our implementation of electronic
invoicing based on UBL. Four awards were handed out and 234 projects
participated in the competision. 

See video footage from the awards ceremony:

I will be giving a presentation at the conference today (slides attached)

A Ministerial Declaration states that eProcurement is a high impact service
that will have strong attention:

"By 2010 at least 50% of public procurement above the EU public procurement
threshold will be carried out electronically"

Thank you to you all for your support to UBL.

- Mikkel

Ministerial Declaration:

eProcurement Initiatives in Denmark - implementing electronic invoicing (reduced).ppt

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