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Subject: Draft ebBP Definitions for UBL 1.0

ebBP TC (cc UBL TC)


I have produced, with excellent help from Sacha Schlegel
(thanks very much Sacha) a new set of draft
definitions for UBL (and UBL with SBS) 1.0 processes.

(attached, zip file renamed to .zzz as usual) 

We called them 'Universal Business Processes' (version 1.0)
so it is understood that they should be usable as they
are, as modules, or can be reused to create more complex
collaboration definitions if necessary (perhaps more 
privately). I hope to include these in the SBS package
which may go to public review in January (cd2).

Sacha and I discussed how these could be extended
to provide a more complex and therefore illustrative 
example such as for various fulfillment process needs
(Receipt plus order cancellation where all goods are
returned after order on approval, for instance, with
'AND' fork and join).

I couldn't yet find a way to produce a pdf from the
brief index file included in which the hyperlinks remain
relative (any ideas? OOo/SO turn relative links into
absolute links when exporting to pdf) so I just include
an html index for now.

I'd value comment on whether a decision is best (as
I've done) in a collaboration with a commercial
transaction or whether just to have conditions on FromLinks
in end states instead.

All the best


PKZIP (compressed) files

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