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Subject: Re: [ubl] Draft 2.0 Schemas with Currency Codes edited to unions


| If the latest NDR change about union of token and enumeration from
| Marty's latest proposal is rolled back, no additional changes in
| EDIFIX are needed to support codelists based on the August 11,
| 2005 NDR draft.

Good.  But I'm still not clear on what exactly will be missing
from the enum schemas if we do this.

My understanding is that there is some metatdata in the genericode
format that doesn't map to the old enum format.

Is this true?

If so, what's missing?

| We can start generating draft schema as soon the PSC has another
| draft set of spreadsheets. It is important to note that GEFEG
| still needs to review the latest NDR draft sent yesterday by MG
| and determine what other programming changes are needed to produce
| schema that are fully compliant.

Let's try to get that assessment as soon as possible.

| Can you tell us when the codelist discussion is scheduled to be
| finalized and closed to further decisions?

We will have to freeze further changes for this round of schema
generation at next Wednesday's Atlantic TC meeting.  Anyone who
has an opinion on this had better be present on that call.

If we haven't decided on some alternative by the end of next
Wednesday's call, we will have to go with the former enum format
in the schemas that will be going out for initial public review.


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