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Subject: Minutes of Atlantic UBL TC call 14 December 2005

16H00 - 18H00 UTC WEDNESDAY 14 DECEMBER 2005


   Jon Bosak (chair)
   Tony Coates
   Mavis Cournane
   Betty Harvey
   Zarella Rendon
   Andy Schoka


   Additions to the calendar:


   Review of Pacific call

      No comments.

   Schedule review

      JB: (Reading from the agenda) "Note that this is our last
      Atlantic TC call for the year.  Any questions regarding
      schema generation for the first UBL 2.0 public review that
      are still unresolved after this call will be decided
      (perhaps arbitrarily) by the TC chair and vice chair."

      AGREED that we must operate this way over the winter break
      in order to get the public review started.

      BH: EF must be configured before schema generation can

      ACTION: BH and SW to sync up to configure EF for spreadsheet


   ACTION: JB to inform OASIS about our plans for public review.



   AGREED that the position taken by JB last week was the correct
   one at this point:


      JB: Is there data in genericode that needs to be reflected
      in the enum format?

      TonyC: Actually, it's genericode that needs to reflect UBL
      metadata.  Currently this is in genericode as a kind of
      extension, but it needs to be put in its proper place.  This
      should not affect the schedule or GKH's work.

      JB: Can we just use the current EF-generated format for

      TonyC: MartyB has suggested valuable changes to the format;
      we should include these in the final version.

      ACTION: JB to document in the release notes for the initial
      public review that the enum format for code lists will be
      undergoing further technical adjustments, for example to the
      way that metadata attributes are done; TonyC to send an
      example for inclusion in the release notes.

   ACTION: TC to review the questions posed by MG:


      There's still (at least) one active question to consider here.

         "Does everyone else agree that a schema for type-b code
         lists should be required for UBL deliveries? Should it be

      TonyC: We said that the token form would be the default, but
      we would provide the enum form for people to use if they
      want to.

      AGREED that it's not necessary to answer this question for
      the initial public review cycle.


   ACTION: SG to check to see where the problem Definitions are
   and see whether the Definitions can be put in the schemas
   [relating to issue 1 in NDR work session of 23 November].

      [From the minutes of 2005.11.30: "SG: The defs are all there in
      one version of the QDT spreadsheets.  The last QDT sent
      should have had the defs in the definition column.  SW: Will
      look at that."]

      SW not on the call.

   ACTION: SW to suggest a practical mechanical way to assign

      SW not on the call.

      AGREED that the only practical alternative at this point is
      just to go with whatever SW has developed for the initial
      public review.

   ACTION: NDR editors to ensure that all mentions of importing
   the CCTS parameter schema have been removed.


   [Imported from Pacific minutes] ACTION: SG and SW to manually
   update the CC parameter schema.

      "SG: Atlantic call decided not to import the module.
      SW: We need to see this reflected in the NDRs."



   JB: SW raised in the Pacific call, and MD has raised in email,
   the question of how we Q/A the schemas against the NDRs.

   MC: MG and I will have to do this, but it should be considered
   part of the NDR package review.  We already have what we think
   is a final set of NDRs.

   AGREED that the NDR editors will perform schema/NDR Q/A as part
   of NDR package review during the January F2F in Manhattan.
   (This can take place in a track parallel to review of the
   Danish use cases.)

   AGREED that we need to feature GEFEG's role in 2.0 development.

   MC: Are we going to hold a user group meeting Friday 27

   JB: No; we only got one or two indications of interest.

   MC: It would be good to wrap up Thursday evening so that we can
   travel starting Friday morning.

   ACTION: JB to try forming the initial meeting agenda in a way
   that allows us to finish up Thursday evening.

   ACTION: JB to check on internet access and printing facilities
   at the Manhattan meeting site.

   ZR: Carol Geyer at OASIS tells me that OASIS is creating new
   templates for the TC web pages; I could do that for UBL TC.

   JB: Offer gratefully accepted!

   ACTION: ZR to discuss this with CarolG and do the redesign.

Jon Bosak

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