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Subject: Further revised agenda items for January TC meeting

Hello UBL TC,

Latest registration and agenda items for the January TC meeting

It's been suggested that we wrap up Thursday night rather than
Friday morning to allow people coming from Europe or Asia a full
day of travel Friday.  I'll be interested in hearing opinions from
those attending today's Pacific TC call.

People planning to dial in: now is the time to tell me which times
would be most convenient for the discussions you're most
interested in.



Registered attendees:

   Peter Borresen
   Jon Bosak (chair)
   Mavis Cournane
   Stephen Green
   Mike Grimley
   Kim, Sung Hyuk
   Mark Leitch
   Bryan Rasmussen
   Andy Schoka
   Paul Thorpe
   Sylvia Webb
   Michael Onder (observer)


Schedule review

KRLSC report

UN/CEFACT update

Customization and profiling

Code lists

Support package design and scheduling

UBL 2.0 User Guide (identification of business rules and
assumptions not expressed in the schemas)

Review of the Danish use cases (procurement scenarios) and examples

Review of USDOT requirements and schedule

Specific NDR items (from meeting minutes):

   ACTION: At the Manhattan F2F in January, NDR editors to develop
   a specification of expected behavior of UBL processors when
   encountering a version different from the one for which they
   were designed.  (For example, UBL processors expecting a
   version 2.x when presented with an instance conforming to a
   later version 2.y might be required to attempt validation
   against the 2.x schemas and reject the instance if errors are

   ACTION: At the Manhattan F2F in January, NDR editors to develop
   a best practice note for namespace prefixes.  (For example,
   "For ease of comprehension it is recommended that the prefixes
   specified in our NDRs are used in instances, but applications
   must be able to process arbitrary prefix declarations per the
   XML Recommendation.")

   AGREED that the NDR editors will perform schema/NDR Q/A as part
   of NDR package review during the January F2F in Manhattan.
   (This can take place in a track parallel to review of the
   Danish use cases.)

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