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Subject: Guidance sought regarding full UBL 2 XPath files

I was going to upload the XPath files for WD-UBL-2.0, but I need your 
guidance please before doing so.

Statistics of the information items described by the models:

ApplicationResponse:    2888 elements, 7212 attributes, 10100 total
AttachedDocument:       1260 elements, 3089 attributes, 4349 total
BillOfLading:          93768 elements, 235730 attributes, 329498 total
Catalogue:              5667 elements, 14028 attributes, 19695 total
CatalogueDeletion:      1326 elements, 3242 attributes, 4568 total
CatalogueItemSpecificationUpdate: 5676 elements, 14051 attributes, 19727 total
CataloguePricingUpdate: 5676 elements, 14051 attributes, 19727 total
CatalogueRequest:       5311 elements, 13163 attributes, 18474 total
CertificateOfOrigin:   97544 elements, 244943 attributes, 342487 total
CreditNote:             3550 elements, 8978 attributes, 12528 total
DebitNote:              3550 elements, 8978 attributes, 12528 total
DespatchAdvice:       185022 elements, 465343 attributes, 650365 total
ForwardingInstruction: 93360 elements, 234739 attributes, 328099 total
FreightInvoice:       102454 elements, 258016 attributes, 360470 total
Invoice:               12810 elements, 32445 attributes, 45255 total
Order:                596323 elements, 1500511 attributes, 2096834 total
OrderCancellation:      1759 elements, 4310 attributes, 6069 total
OrderChange:          596318 elements, 1500509 attributes, 2096827 total
OrderResponse:        596323 elements, 1500508 attributes, 2096831 total
OrderResponseSimple:    1724 elements, 4232 attributes, 5956 total
PackingList:           93730 elements, 235622 attributes, 329352 total
Quotation:            298834 elements, 751896 attributes, 1050730 total
ReceiptAdvice:        189379 elements, 476304 attributes, 665683 total
RemittanceAdvice:       6111 elements, 15297 attributes, 21408 total
RequestForQuotation:  150428 elements, 378414 attributes, 528842 total
SelfBilledCreditNote:   3814 elements, 9703 attributes, 13517 total
SelfBilledInvoice:     11988 elements, 30267 attributes, 42255 total
Statement:              7350 elements, 18473 attributes, 25823 total
Waybill:               93766 elements, 235721 attributes, 329487 total

The ZIP file is more than 338Mb in size.  The unzipped size is 9.6Gb 
(3.1Gb just for the text files).

Using the same XPath generation files as UBL 1.0 (I don't think they 
need have changed at all), I note for example that three of the Order 
documents have 2 million distinguished information items in different 
contexts possible for a given instance of the model.  The new 
Quotation has over a million information items.

Please let me know if anyone will find this useful before I upload 
300Mb to the server.  I was told for UBL 1.0 that seeing the 
enumerated XPath addresses for every information item possible for an 
instance of a given W3C Schema was useful, as some people found 
obvious discrepancies.

Recall that W3C Schema expressions define each individual information 
item and their constituent parts ... my XPath files enumerate each 
individual information item in all possible contexts based on 
ancestral information items.  If I haven't messed up, then the UBL 
models as published uniquely describe the many contexts enumerated above.

The explosion happens because of the nested combinations of elements 
... looking just at schema expressions does not always reveal how the 
combinations build.  A seemingly innocuous addition might create the 
possibility for a nested structure to be found in a new tree location 
of the instance, thereby greatly increasing the enumerations of 
uniquely addressed information items.

The SBS subsets 
http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/ubl/200601/msg00064.html are 
very manageable but my gut feel is that the XPath files are for full 
UBL are probably useless ... who would bother to look through 2 
million possible information items possible for an Order instance 
looking for a particular context that makes sense (or that doesn't 
make sense)?  I can't even reasonably look into them to know if there 
are any problems to check to see if the XPath scripts for UBL 1.0 
need to be changed for UBL 2.0.

Please let me know what you think I should do.  I have no problems 
uploading the ZIP file if someone will find it useful.

. . . . . . . . . . . Ken

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