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Subject: UBL 2 SBS draft 'fallback' package completed and uploaded



I have completed and uploaded a fallback package of the UBL 2 Small
Business Subset (SBS)
details: http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/document.php?document_id=16509&wg_abbrev=ubl-sbsc

The intention is to expand this with further 'Universal Business Process' ebBP
definitions and ebCPPA templates to cater for the UBL 2 extended
procurement process. Content changes anticipated in UBL 2 are likely
to require updates to
the SBS and there may be changes following subset reviews.

Comments welcome. Please note that this is for the UBL 2 SBS and not the UBL 1.0
SBS which is about to undergo a public review (comments on the latter
to be submitted
using the UBL OASIS website comments page

Many thanks

Stephen Green

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