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Subject: RE: [ubl] Understanding code list declarations

At 2006-02-10 21:15 -0800, Sylvia Webb wrote:
>IMO, the simple type unconstrained CurrencyCodeType is an error due to
>previously reported missing and inconsistent information in the hand crafted
>spreadsheets for code lists that were imported

Fine ....

>I believe there is an action item to correct the hand crafted spreadsheets
>for the next schema generation.

My processes are all triggered on the schema expressions, so I could 
change all references that are to CurrencyCodeType (the simpleType) 
to be CurrencyCodeContentType (the complexType) in my local copy of 
the schema expressions, but then the work that I produce wouldn't 
match the working draft 2.0 schemas that are out there today.

>Once the spreadsheets are accurate, EDIFIX
>will create the correct data models and auto generate the correct CBC schema
>module with complex types for all identified CodeTypes with the
>corresponding constraints.

Fine .... I do not need *finalized* schemas but are there more 
up-to-date draft schemas with which I can do my code list work?  We 
have been tasked with producing a new package of support deliverables 
for the end of February.  Will there be a corresponding set of schema 
expressions with the end-of-February support package?

I am designing my systems so that I can recreate my outputs from any 
set of schema expression inputs, be they hand-edited by me to remove 
the inconsistencies, or generated by software with the fixes.  I am 
automating as much as I can, but the processes need tender 
ministrations to get from start to finish.

What should I do for the end of February support package?  My gut 
feel is to publish my work *with* the inconsistency since that is 
consistent with the schema files that have been published.

I will proceed in this fashion unless people feel strongly otherwise.

Thanks, Sylvia!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ken

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