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Subject: UBL code list value validation methodology (draft version 0.4)

I have just uploaded the latest draft of my revised UBL code list 
value validation methodology based on the feedback received for 
improving the documentation and on finishing expected and new 
implementation changes:


This is a methodology whereby one can formally and unambiguously 
express the association between contexts of information items in a 
document model and a set of externally-expressed lists of coded 
values allowed for each information item.  This methodology 
supplements a read-only structurally-oriented schema expression for a 
single or multiple document types by providing techniques for 
expressing subsets of coded values, supersets of coded values, and 
different sets of coded values allowed to be in different document 
contexts for the same type of information item.  Not all schema 
languages provide for such co-occurrence constraints to be expressed.

In UBL the read-only structurally-oriented W3C Schema expression 
published by the UBL committee can be supplemented by trading 
partners needing to agree on the constraints of coded values 
expressing agreed-upon business rules in formal code list context 
association files validated by this methodology.

This draft contains everything that was anticipated to go into this 
package, including both Linux-based and Windows-based demonstration 
environments.  If you think anything is missing, please let me know 
as I don't believe there is anything more that needs to be 
added.  Also please let me know if anything needs more explanation or 
better explanation.

Based on the feedback from other international and some private 
projects that expressed interest in the concepts written in version 
0.3 of this methodology, I've rewritten the stylesheets in a modular 
fashion such that the methodology should be easily functionally 
adapted to document models and metadata other than UBL, and external 
expressions of code list members other than genericode.  Feedback is 
sought from anyone attempting to implement this methodology in 
alternative environments, and I will endeavour to accommodate new 
requirements in design decisions if these do not jeopardize any UBL 

Members of the committee are welcome to send comments through normal 
committee channels.  Others are welcome to send comments on this 
specification to the <ubl-dev@lists.oasis-open.org> list. To 
subscribe, send an email message to 
<ubl-dev-request@lists.oasis-open.org> with the word "subscribe" as 
the body of the message.

Thanks for any feedback you may have!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . Ken

p.s. note that the permanent home for the completed 1.0 version of 
this package will be a subdirectory and not an entry in the OASIS 
collaboration environment as addressed above.  Therefore, 
temporarily, the ZIP entry above contains both a TAR/GZ and a ZIP (of 
the same name, but without the TAR/GZ) of the package, and the 
locations embedded therein point to the above address.  In the 
completed version this will be consistent and the location will be 
the permanent subdirectory.

cc: UBL TC, UBL-Dev

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