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Subject: PSC Meeting Minutes 20 Feb 2006

Title: PSC Meeting Minutes 20 Feb 2006
Present:    Sylvia Webb
                Tim McGrath
                Peter Boressen
                Mark Leitch (Chair)

Main topic of conversation was defining message context (as raised by Martin Forsberg during previous week’s meeting)

PB      Context has to be indicated as an attribute of all documents in a transaction
TMcG  Suggested BBIE to indicate the subset being used (subsetID)
PB      Peter will flag this as an issue on the 2.0 list
ML      Concerns re. the maintenance of UBL 2.0 spreadsheets with extra subsets in columns extending eastwards
SW     Context should be defined between trading partners rather than by UBL itself
PB      Maybe the small business subset should be published separately
TMcG  No problem with that
ML      In the light of the potentially many subsets, it is proposed that the main UBL spreadsheet contains the ‘superset’ and that the SBS be published separately

TMcG  Started to look at the issues list; will publish initial thoughts this week.
TMcG  PSC should begin to look at the document models for the transportation subcommittee, particularly where there is potential overlap between the transport documents and the Despatch Note/Receipt Advice.  We should be in a position to talk further about this in the Vancouver meeting.

Regards, M

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