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Subject: SV: [ubl] Suggestions for an UBL ExtensibleContent area

>In my role as Secretariat Manager for SC34 I've helped the authors 
>marshal the evolution of the above into the standardized 
>Namespace-based Validation Dispatching Language (NVDL) ISO/IEC 
>19757-4 - part 4 of Document Schema Definition Languages (DSDL):

>   http://www.jtc1sc34.org/repository/0694c.htm

excellent news! I had no idea it was up to a draft yet, I thought it was only
under discussion. 

>I have shared with others that I think NVDL would be the best basis 
>for the customization of UBL using namespaces so have pointed them in 
>this direction.
I'm not averse to this idea, but I think it would be problematic for others

>My gut feel is that using NVDL we would probably not need an explicit 
>area for extensible content as the entire instance would be 
yes, but then we would need to define how we were going to deal with
extensibility if NVDL were our extensibility mechanism. I suppose that would
then require that everyone sent the document through NVDL processor first. 

>  Explicitly creating 
>such a section might lead to the impression that extensions could 
>only be added in that section.
I think though that if one had an area set aside for extensions, via use of
xsd:any, that one could use NVDL is one wanted to handle these things, or
other methods. 

>>), and application usage (transformation). This is more the kind of 
>>thing that should be moved to HISC if ExtensibleContent was accepted.

>I'm not confident that validation issues belong in HISC.  The code 
>list value validation work I'm doing is in a task group of UBL, not of HISC.

Probably right, I was thinking in the context of HISC because the examples I
was working on were getting very into various possible implementation

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