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Subject: Re: [ubl] Sample Test ebXML Message using UBL 1.0 SBS


Actually the trace file is a real ebXML message (ebXML Messaging 2.0)
exchanged between two ebXML messaging systems.

Both ebXML messaging systems have been configured with the ebXML CPA's
that we provide as part of the UBP work.

On Mon, 2006-03-06 at 15:49 +0000, Stephen Green wrote:
> Just to demonstrate that the UBL 1.0 Small Business Subset and
> its included Universal Business Process (1.0) artifacts can be used
> with leading ebXML software to send and receive UBL messages,
> I attach a trace file from Sacha Schlegel showing such a message
> sent and received between two such ebXML products.
> Of course, it should be added that it is * not * a requirement that
> ebXML standards be used for such transactions, but it is good
> to know that so using ebXML for business collaborations does not
> appear to present any insurmountable problems when the UBL 1.0
> Small Business Subset and Universal Business Process 1.0
> artifacts are used.
> Thanks Sacha.
> I also attach a zipped file 'UBP-1-0-ebBP-validation.zipped' which shows
> in a validation test that all the modules of the UBP 1.0 ebBP business
> process definitions can be combined into a single definition. This might
> better be done in practise using the 'Include' mechanism mentioned in the
> ebBP 2.0 specification but having the definition packages side-by-side
> in the same instance demonstrates that the naming of the individual
> components allows their use together without id clashes. Note that in the
> UBP each component 'package' of transaction and collaboration, with
> the associated document and signal specifications, are held in a separate
> file to facilitate discretionary modular adoption by trading parties. The
> CPA examples show how such parties might then declare their adoption of
> any of the process definitions in CPA documents which can then be made
> visible to other parties. Having the same process definitions to which they
> can refer provided publicly in the SBS and its UBP facilitates the finding
> of trading partners who use the same processes / documents. The CPA
> templates can, we hope, then be used to help traders or their software providers
> create their actual ebCPA documents in collaboration with trading partners.
> All the best,
> Stephen Green
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