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Subject: NVDL with XSD - update

As was noted in my earlier NVDL example: 

" there seems to be
another bug that prevents XML Schema from being used as a validator in the

However instead of returning an exception, the implementation silently
returns the document's xml structure as valid. This is my understanding of
what is going on at any rate, I have communicated with Atsushi Eno on this
subject - who wrote the implementation basically for Mono
http://monkey.workarea.jp/lb/archive/2005/3-12.html , it could obviously be a
coding error on my part but as everything seems to be functioning correctly
with RNG it doesn't seem likely. "

In my communications with Atsushi it did indeed turn out that there was a
slight bug in the implementation that caused the effect mentioned above. This
bug has been fixed allowing me to produce a version that works (although
Atsushi says that the current fix now does not work in Mono)

However I think the implementation, while laudable, just will not work for
anyone likely to be using UBL. 

The reason is that the NVDL implementation is as a validatingReader, meaning
that when the all validatable namespaces defined by the NVDL return as valid
the NVDLValidatingReader will return a single XML instance consisting of the
XML instance that was put in to it. In other words, the same XML with content
coming wherever. At that point I would consider it to be more useful to just
seperate out the namespaces with an XSLT and send them to a validation
process that way. 

I can provide the updated examples if there is interest (the update just
consists of recompilation with a new Commons.Xml.Relaxng.dll ). 

Bryan Rasmussen

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