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Subject: Revised minutes of Atlantic UBL TC call 29 March 2006

I neglected to log Tony as a participant; nothing else is changed.



16:00 - 18:00 UTC WEDNESDAY 29 MARCH 2006


   Peter Borresen
   Jon Bosak (chair)
   Tony Coates
   Mavis Cournane
   Betty Harvey
   Zarella Rendon
   Andy Schoka
   Kumar Sivaraman
   Paul Thorpe
   Sylvia Webb


   Additions to the calendar:

      PB: The Northern Europe group meets 20-21 April in London.

   Subcommittee and team updates to Pacific call status reports


   Review of Pacific call

      JB: Prepare to see a draft agreement with UN/CEFACT for
      discussion next week. [N.B.: This was overoptimistic; OASIS
      still has to sign off on this before I can make it publicly
      visible by putting it in front of the TC.]


   PB: The Northern European group will fund a room for meeting
   Thursday 5/25 in the hotel, but they need to know which hotel.
   Will meet 11 April with CEN/ISSS to begin making arrangements
   and check out the facility.

   MC: Participants must understand that Thursday 5/25 is a full
   working day; it's just not being held at CEN/CENELEC due to the
   holiday.  How many people plan to attend?

   JB: So far we have:

      Professor Kim
      Paul Thorpe (beginning Tuesday)
      Sylvia Webb
      Peter Borresen and one other person from Denmark
      Martin Forsberg
      Mavis Cournane (acting chair)
      Stephen Green Tu-Thu, staying at the NH Hotel
      Mark Leitch

   AS: Hank van M. from TBG3 may attend as an observer, and
   Dominique may also.

   ACTION: JB to check with Professor Kim.


   ??: TM will be entering all TSC and PSC comments no later than

   ACTION: JB to enter a couple of issues not belonging to any SC.

   JB: We recognize that a few issues might come in afterwards.

   ACTION: JB to enter into the minutes the email address of Alain
   Dechamps, our host for the Brussels meeting.  [So here it is:

   ACTION: PB to check out facilities for our May meeting in
   Brussels on his visit to CEN/CENELEC 11 April.

   Hotels: Holiday Inn has high speed internet (SW is staying
   there); Argus has free wireless in each room and is close to
   the meeting site; sounds like the Argus is our default hotel.

   AGREED to put Brussels meeting planning on the continuing
   agenda for the next few Atlantic meetings.


   ACTION: JB to contact MartyB regarding possible code list
   contributions to the NDR.

      Move item to Pacific to discuss with GKH.  We note that
      Marty proposed a particular structure for code list

   ACTION: TC to study BR's revised [extensibility] proposal and
   comment on the proposal; TC to think about NVDL and share
   comments with the group.

      See below.


   MC: GKH looked at NVDL, discussed it with BR, and asked BR to
   provided and XSD example, which he did.  MC and MG have no
   problem with using NVDL as one way (but not *the* way) to
   provide for processing of schema extensions.

   JB: I'm coming to the view that we have to have the
   document-level and line item-level extension areas proposed by
   BR.  Then people can use Schematron or NVDL or whatever they
   want to provide the processing.  Hope to have a proposal to you

   PB: BR's proposal will encourage people to use the UBL
   namespace itself.

   SW: We [GEFEG] don't have a position on that or the code list
   methodology, but we need a final version of the checklist.

   MC: We've had it out for review the last three weeks and
   received no feedback.

   PB: There is a request from PSC to use an attribute at the doc
   level to specify version, etc.; is that included?

   MC: Look at the NDR!

   ACTION: PB to look at the NDR and say whether a change is

   MC: We already decided that customization cannot impact NDR;
   the code list team needs to comment if any change is needed,
   but we think we're finished.

   PB: The rule prohibiting xsd:any would have to change.

   SW: Understood.  We did review the NDR in detail and have no
   changes.  The comment to the NDR team [from Are Berg requesting
   implementation of the extension areas] needs to be noted.

   MC: MG and I have been going through the schemas [q/a against
   NDR] and will be done end of next week; then on to the prose of
   the NDR doc.

Jon Bosak

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