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Subject: Minutes of Pacific UBL TC call 24|25 April 2006

00:30 - 02:30 UTC TUESDAY 25 APRIL 2006


  Tim McGrath(acting chair)
  Stephen Green
  Sylvia Webb
  Apologies: G. Ken Holman


  Additions to the calendar:

  Liaison report: TaxXML TC
     SW: Face-to-face meeting Thursday.  Has posted them a question 
about Parties from issues list.

  Liaison report: ebBP TC
     SG: several promotional events as part of OASIS Interoperability 
Forum.  UBL will be used in demos.
     TM: Crimson Logic will contact ebBP about BPSS 2.0 Implementation 
Verification Statements

  Subcommittee report: SBSC
     SG: Attention moves to SBS 2.0.  SBS 2.0 should be backward 
compatible with SBS 1.0 or as close as possible.
ACTION: SG will contact Joe Chuisano (US DoT project) regarding draft 
2.0 SBS Despatch Advice.  

  Liaison report: UN/CEFACT
     SW: As well as clarifying the strategy for UBL implementors (such 
as Government Agencies) we should also inform the OASIS TCs looking to 
UBL for their XML solution (such as Tax XML) and advise them of the 
impact of this arrangement.  We suggest at least an FAQ that addresses 
the ideas for harmonization.
ACTION: Tim to draft ideas for this.
     SG: Expressed concern about UBL participants being able to afford 
participation in CEFACT meetings.  It was felt that without attendance 
the influence of members is much less. Logistically it will hard 
(without sponsorship) to attend face-to-face events.  There may be a 
false expectation from CEFACT that UBL members are able to travel to 
these meetings.
ACTION: Tim to comunicate this concern to CEFACT .
     AGREED: Overall we three are comfortable to proceed with the CEFACT 
proposal, given the concensus of the whole TC.

  Subcommittee report: PSC
     SW: PSC review of issues is moving on.  Several meetings over the 
past week. Mark Leitch is now able to participate again. Stephen has 
added his written comments to the issues spreadsheet.  No chnages to the 
spreadsheets will be made until the TC has review the proposed changes.  
We plan to have the issues list and action plan ready for the TC by the 
week commencing May 1st (next week).  To enable meaningful work in 
Brussels we will need to update the spreadsheets during week commencing 
May 8th.  It was noted that Peter B. would be on Ken's training course 
that week and the PSC will consider that in their planning.  The TSC 
will need their proposed dispositions completed by next week.

  Subcommittee report: TSC
     TM: Missed the meeting last week and so the TSC has a lot to do 
this week.

  Codelist report: JB is still testing the proposed code list 
methodology. All required metadata is now in genericode model. 
We had a long discussion about how we should now implement the new code 
list methodology in UBL 2.0.  (see 
We agreed that  we will need a qualified data type spreadsheet (and 
schema) that defines the metadata  for each code list for which UBL is 
recommending a set of values.  This meta data includes the Code List. 
Identifier .  CCTS definies this as " to identify the URL of a source 
that defines the set of currently approved permitted values".  This 
should contain the location of the genericode document for that code 
list.  Because we wish to enable implementors to customize these values 
we should make the codeListIdentifier attribute "default" and not 
"fixed" (as it currently is).  This mean implementors can change this 
attribute to reference their own genericode document without impacting 
other schemas. 
Therefore, we would like to propose an action plan to the TC...
1. SG: will update the previous Qualified Datatypes spreadsheet with the 
codes required for UBL 2.0 and  create a package with the genericode 
documents created by Tony from the UBL 1.0 code list set. 
2. TM: will add the new Transportation code lists to this package and 
update the QDT spreadsheet.  May need some assistance from Tony in 
creating the genericode document for the values.
3. UBL NDR:  may need to review the "fixed" attribute issue for CCTS 
suplementary components.
4. SW: will ensure that EDIFIX is able to create the QDT schema.
5. The code list team should help prepare a "best practice" guide to 
help implementors to both use the UBL 2.0 code list mechanism and to 
customize their code lists if necessary.

ACTION: Tim to propose this issue become an agenda item on the Atlantic 
call this week.

  Review of Atlantic call

SW:  Do we have a backup plan in case Montreal cannot be arranged?

  Schedule review

See above (under PSC report)


     ACTION: JB to ask MB about input on CL metadata.

	Closed (TonyC has incorporated into the genericode model).

     ACTION: SW to remind Howard Mason about input from ISO TC184.


     ACTION: JB to update the TC web site as soon as 1.0 SBS goes to


     ACTION: JB to find meeting facilities in Montreal for August

	"Have sent mail to Ed Buchinski; no answer yet.  GKH and SW
	will try some contacts."

        Status: GKH has put out some inquiries.

     ACTION: JB to user-test GKH's draft 0.4 (see mail of 20 Feb
     with pointer to the repository).

	In progress.  The first draft of an "idiot's guide" to
	implementing the codelist methodology demo on an XP
	machine has been completed but needs further work.

     ACTION: JB to fit this into the support package schedule: add
     lines for PSC example instances, TSC example instances, 2.0 SBS
     for transport, UBP 2 for procurement, UBP 2 for transport.


tim mcgrath
phone: +618 93352228  
postal: po box 1289   fremantle    western australia 6160
web: http://www.portcomm.com.au/tmcgrath

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