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Subject: qDT spreadsheet

Here is my part of the qDT spreadsheet stage 1.
I now hand it on to Tim to add Transport codes, etc
and maybe add or remove any procurement codes from
UBL 1.0 if we don't need them or need them.

A note while doing this: I didn't find any candidates
for the XSD 'fixed' attribute, just what I believe
to be appropraite for 'default' so maybe the rule
about fixed isn't needed - perhaps all we need is rule
for default.

I'd note Tony's observation from the Atlantic call that
'default' could be misused or cause problems since it
implies that the supplementary component attribute could
be omitted if it complied with the default. This might
be warned against in what we add for this to the spec
index file: the values should always be explicitly
included in the instance if they are required for some
reason (say a legal reason) since it can't always be
guaranteed that the exactly correct schemas will be
available when the instance document is read.

All the best



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