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Subject: Re: spreadsheet errors exposed in UBL 2.0 PRD2 Schema - addendum

myself and others have found further problems with the spreadsheets that 
have been exposed in the schemas...

* the column "Property Term Possessive Noun" should never be used for 
ASBIEs.  We do this in Pricing Reference, Quotation Line , Request For 
Quotation Line, Transport Handling Unit and Order Line.  Where we have 
used "Property Term Possessive Noun", the terms should be appended to 
the "Property Term Qualifier".
for example, in PricingReference the ASBIEs (Original_ Item Location 
Quantity and Alternative Condition_ Price) have used the column for 
"Property Term Possessive Noun" instead of  "Property Term Qualifier" 
for their qualifiers. this means their names are incorrect and the terms 
don't appear in the schema.

* several DENs need manual updating in the spreadsheets. eg. 
LineReference. DocumentReference  uses the DEN from above it.  we also 
have started using the dataype instead of the representation terms when 
defining codes, eg. Status. Condition. Code.  Note: these DENs are 
correct in the schemas, only the spreadsheets need fixing.

* UniversallyUniqueID is not shortend to UUID in the schemas.  it may be 
easier  to change this in the spreadsheets to get the correct names.

* The definition for AttachedDocument "Attached Document. Details" 
appears to be identical to ApplicationResponse "Application Response. 
Details" and has not been rewritten to reflect the true definition.   i 
suggest "A ’wrapper’ UBL document that can contain anything. This allows 
a referenced document to be included in the package of documents being 

* The definition for Transportation Status document ABIE has not been 
updated.  it should say "A message to report the transport status and/or 
change in the transport status (i.e. event) between agreed parties"

* In the Forwarding Instructions spreadsheet, all the definitions need 
updating to add the "s" to Forwarding Instruction.

I have asked Alan Lemming to update the WD7 spreadsheets with these 
corrections to create a WD8.  But we have to decide if we want to create 
a new set of schemas before we can use this new WD8.

tim mcgrath
phone: +618 93352228  
postal: po box 1289   fremantle    western australia 6160
web: http://www.portcomm.com.au/tmcgrath

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