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Subject: ASN.1 info

Hi Jon,

The following is a copy of the text from UBL 1.0 for the ASN.1 Appendix.
The only change that needs to be made is to have the link reference the
2.0 schemas (when ready) rather than the 1.0 schemas.  You may want to
copy the HTML from UBL 1.0 rather than using the plain text version below
which eliminates all of the formatting:

The UBL ASN.1 specification referenced below provides an alternative
schema definition for UBL documents in accordance with ITU-T X.680-X.693
[ASN.1]. The UBL ASN.1 specification defines the same UBL documents as the
UBL XSD schemas in Section 6 that constitute the normative definitions of
valid UBL documents. The UBL ASN.1 XML schema enables ASN.1 tools to be
used for UBL transfers, and in conjunction with the ASN.1 Packed Encoding
Rules, it provides a specification for an efficient binary encoding of UBL

UBL ASN.1 Specification

The ASN.1 UBL specification was created using a tool from OSS Nokalva
(http://www.oss.com/) that conforms to ITU-T Recommendation X.694 |
ISO/IEC 8825-5 for converting XSD Schema to ASN.1. After conversion, the
generated ASN.1 was formatted by the PrettyPrint tool at the ASN.1
Information Site (http://asn1.elibel.tm.fr) to produce the HTML file
included in this package.

Paul E. Thorpe                                 Toll Free    : 1-888-OSS-ASN1
OSS Nokalva                                    International: 1-732-302-0750
Email: thorpe@oss.com                          Tech Support : 1-732-302-9669
http://www.oss.com                             Fax          : 1-732-302-0023

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