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Subject: UBL 2.0 PRD2 sanity check

Hello UBL TC,

A "sanity check" test build of PRD2 has been uploaded to


Discussion of this build is an agenda item for this week's Pacific
TC call.  Please note the following known issues:

 - The Linux version of the tests described in Appendix D (test.sh
   and testeg.sh) isn't working yet.  Earlier versions did work,
   so this is probably due to a cross-OS line ending problem that
   we just haven't had time to debug today.  The XP version works
   as described.

 - Figure 21 needs to be updated to reflect current practice.

IMPORTANT: The schemas included in this build have been subject to
post-processing following generation from FX.  Consequently, they
are not supported in their current form by GEFEG.

Here's what I'm hoping we can accomplish in the next 48 hours:

   Today (Monday): Sanity check to TC.

   Monday/Tuesday: Discussion in Pacific Call (Tim will chair, Ken
   will help; Jon will be in transit).

   Tuesday: Changes as needed.

   Wednesday: Signoff in Atlantic TC call.  Start PRD2 CD ballot.

If we can meet this schedule, then I can submit the approved PRD2
to OASIS Wednesday 7/26, which would end the second public review
in time for comments to be resolved at our meeting in Montréal.
Coordination of semantic updates with PSC and TSC should be
discussed in this week's TC calls.


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