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Subject: UBL PRD2 sanity check 3

Hello UBL TC,

I've just uploaded one more test build of PRD2 to a temporary site
(it proved impossible to upload this directly to the OASIS site
from my current location):



 - Incorporated the revised UBL-index-2.0.html from Tim (modulo
   minor editorial changes):


 - Hacked out NDR-checklist-2006-07-19.pdf from the latest NDR
   document draft by Mavis (note: this still has some minor
   formatting problems):


 - Installed the revised xsd, xsdrt, and cl directories from Ken:


 - Removed metadata for PaymentMeansCode from

 - Installed revised qDT spreadsheets from Tim

 - Since I do not see further revisions to the WD9 spreadsheets
   included in sanity1, they stay till someone gives me a new set.


 - It's time for OSS Nokalva to generate the ASN.1 schema for this
   PRD.  We'll incorporate it before starting the public review.

 - The Linux version of the tests in the val/ directory still
   isn't working.  I'll fix this over the weekend.

 - As noted previously, the schemas have been subjected to further
   processing following generation from FX and are therefore not
   supported by GEFEG in this form.


   I had intended to start CD balloting this evening, but I'd like
   to give everyone a few more hours to catch any substantive
   errors.  Please check out the test build and post any problems
   to the list.  I will be in meetings most of the day Thursday
   (Central U.S. time) but hope to find all clear when I return in
   the afternoon, at which time we'll start the vote.


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