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Subject: Comment (Procurement)


I'm not sure to whom I should post this or other similar
comments; to UBL, to PSC, to Comments or even to TBG1.

I've been looking some more at the SBS and mapping it
between UBL 1.0 SBS and UBL 2 and am coming across many
questionable issues such as the following so I'd kind of
regard these as potential comments from inside the TC
so how would such be handled. Will there be any scope
to revise UBL 2 at all or are all changes suggestions 
to be carried forward to the TBG equivalent(s) of 'UBL 3'?

Here is my issue for procurement:
OrderLine - there is now just the one OrderLine ASBIE for
the Order document, OrderResponse and Order Change. This
presents a particular challenge for subsets of course but
that's beside the point. The point is it doesn't have an
ID (neither did it have one in UBL 1.0) and I wonder how
accurate or otherwise this makes the OrderLineReferences
if they are refering to an OrderLine which doesn't have
an ID, presumably by actually referencing the LineItem
which does have an ID. The LineItem is not the same since
there could be for one OrderLine both LineItem and some
kind of SubstituteLineItem so there is a loss of both
accuracy and precision when refering to an OrderLine by
referencing the respective LineItem. This is complicated
even more if LineItem is virtually empty and something
like even to QuotationLineReference is used for the data.
Admittedly the LineItem is mandatory as is its ID, so at 
least there must always be a LineItem/ID for every 
OrderLine. Just that there are other ID's that might be being
used instead or as well - a headache perhaps for implementers. 

I've a good few further issues to come so I'd appreciate
a ruling on how to submit them as a TC member.

All the best   

Stephen Green


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