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Subject: Minutes of Pacific UBL TC call 24|25 July 2006

00:30 - 02:30 UTC TUESDAY 25 JULY 2006


   Jon Bosak (chair)
   G. Ken Holman
   Tim McGrath (vice chair)
   Andy Schoka
   Sylvia Webb


   Additions to the calendar:

      GKH at TRI-XML in Raleigh; TM at APEC in Hanoi.

   Liaison report: Tax XML TC

      SW: We continue to work on deliverables and hope to have
      something soon.

   Liaison report: ebBP TC

      TM: Monica Martin has asked for people doing UBL adoptions
      to consider using ebBP.

   Subcommittee report: SBSC

      GKH: SG has posted candidate schemas.

   Liaison report: UN/CEFACT

      TM: Freddy has just put out a revised agenda for a TBG1/UBL
      team meeting 26-28 July in Brussels.

   Subcommittee report: PSC

      SW: Has not met in July; may be meeting 7/31.

   Subcommittee report: TSC

      AS: Met Thursday.  TM did an outstanding job of relating
      events, in particular the code list methodology and
      extension types.  We're now looking into figuring out if we
      have a coherent scenario for the development of instances
      that are both procurement- and transportation-related.

      TM: TSC focus for the next few weeks is to revise the PRD2
      package and look at sample instance scenarios.  I have
      posted drafts of the sort of process I was thinking of to
      extend sample instances to include transportation documents.
      SW has suggested that PSC drive this as originators and say
      what info they need in the transportation documents. We will
      probably have a joint conference call.

      AS: Will check to see whether we can use anything from the
      USDOT pilot.

   Review of Atlantic call

      No comments.

   Schedule review

      JB: Looks like we can finish public review just in time for
      Montréal.  Had a real problem formatting the NDR

      GKH/AS/SW: It's a huge document; maybe there's a lot of
      embedded info in the Word file.


   JB: Zarella has the new ones. Altova is to be thanked not just
   for the licenses but also for running a check on the schemas
   from the last build.


   AGREED to allow the typo fix to
   UBL-CommonExtensionComponents-2.0.xsd without restarting the
   PRD2 ballot.

   TM: If we can shorten the comment resolution period for PRD2 to
   less than two weeks, we might be able to have the Standard done
   just before our meeting in Singapore.

   AGREED to add GKH to the list of editors.

   ACTION: TM to provide the PRD1 -> PRD2 change log ASAP.


   Comment disposition: coordination with PSC/TSC

      TM: We're expecting comments on PRD2 not to be critical for
      2.0; so we want to aim for all comments to become items for
      consideration in 2.1, except for bugs.

      AGREED to create a pro forma disposition list in Montréal
      and then send to PSC and TSC for review.  Comment
      disposition will take place from 9-11 a.m. Tuesday and
      Wednesday at the meeting in Montréal with TM and PB
      participating by phone.

      GKH: Note that Mikkel and Christian will be attending in

   Other main agenda items for Montréal:

      Finishing up NDR doc (MG and MC)

      Working on the Support Package (JB, GKH, ...)

      Resolving some obscure XSD questions regarding the
      non-normative code list schema modules (GKH)

      IPR transition


   The action items listed on the agenda from minutes of the
   meeting 20060718 are covered in this message from GKH:


   All these items have been taken care of and are included in the
   version of PRD2 that went out with the ballot.

   GKH: Some version numbers in the spreadsheets were mistakenly
   entered as numerics rather than quoted strings.

   AGREED that this is an editorial change that can be handled
   independently of the public review.

   ACTION: TM to delegate this task to PB when he gets back from
   vacation; aim to have the repackaging of the spreadsheets done
   by the end of the Montréal plenary.

   ACTION: GKH to check the revised spreadsheets.

   SW: The question of why the CCTS parameters file is empty of
   XSD constructs is being researched by the GEFEG developers.

   ACTION: TM to mail comment submitters with disposition of



   TM: Someone needs to get the bogus amazon.com address off the
   ubl-dev subscriber list.

   ACTION: JB to notify OASIS next time one of these pops up.

Jon Bosak

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