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Subject: TC review

Title: TC review

Dear TC

During the session on doing a Danish subset of UBL we found a serious problem with the CreditNote document. The creditnote document miss quantity and item on the line (and the same thing applies for the DebitNote). This means that you can only credit hole lines and not parts of a delivery, which is the most common case. From a Danish point of view the UBL 2.0 CreditNote is useless as it is. I have talked to Mark Leitch about this and he agrees that it is an error and something that need to be taken care on. I am deebly sorry that we have not found this before. As you all know we have invested many coulsultantcy hours to do scenario descriptions etc. to prevent this.

Mark and I will tomorrow propose a new set of spreadsheets where this is fixed. The editing will only invove adding new business entities to documents that has not been part of the UBL 1.0 package, documents that we together with Sweden and UK requested. I hope the TC will accept theese late changes as a part of the TC review period. We also need Gefeg to help us generating another set of schemas.

Kind regards


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