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Subject: Re: [ubl] Comments to UBL-index.-2.0.html in prd3-sanity1


| Some diagrams are revised to get more readability.
| In Japan, we usually print these kind of specifications to A4 size
| paper.  We usually print the A4 size paper in the direction where
| the vertical direction is long. In case to print the
| UBL-index.-2.0.html in the direction where the vertical direction
| is long, many tables and figures are overflowed in A4 size
| paper. The right parts are not printed on A4 size paper.  Then, I
| printed the UBL-index.-2.0.html in the direction where the
| horizontal direction is long, I have gotten more readability. Many
| tables and figures are printed in A4 size paper.
| Question: How to print this kind of specifications in the West
| people (North America and Europe) regularly? What is the paper
| size, and the printing direction (vertical long direction or
| horizontal long direction)?  If your West people have no problems
| in this point (paper printing format), it will be OK.

This is not a difference between east and west; everyone has a
problem printing out the larger diagrams.

As far as I can see, the problem is not a technical one but
results simply from the fact that this amount of information will
not fit readably on one sheet of A4 paper.  It is for this reason that
engineering drawings, for example, are always printed out on
larger sheets.

I can see three answers to this problem:

   1. Redraw the diagrams so that the same amount of information
      can fit on one sheet of A4 paper and still be readable.

      No one has yet been able to figure out a way to do this, but
      of course we would very much welcome revised drawings that
      could be printed out on A4 without losing any information.
      Please feel free to submit revised drawings for inclusion in
      the final release.

   2. Print out the diagrams on larger sheets of paper.

   3. View the diagrams on the computer, recognizing that the
      computer provides functionalities beyond those provided by
      paper.  For example, the full navigational functionality
      provided by the online version of the 2.0 uml directory is
      not possible to achieve on paper.

Perhaps you can think of other solutions; if so, please share them
with the TC.


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