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Subject: "Successful use" statements for UBL 2.0

Hello UBL organizational members (in other words, UBL members
whose employers are OASIS member organizations),

It's time to start organizing the materials required to submit UBL
2.0 for OASIS standardization.  Among these materials are
"certification by at least three OASIS member organizations that
they are successfully using the specification."  Notice the

 - The member organizations in question do not need to be UBL TC

 - No more is required than a statement that the organization is
   "successfully using" UBL 2.0.  The definition of "successful
   use" is up to the organization and can include prototyping,
   pilot programs, etc.

I must have these statements in hand by the end of next week in order
to prepare the package for OASIS, and the sooner I can get them,
the better.  Please send directly to me (jon.bosak@sun.com).


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