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Subject: Minutes of Atlantic UBL TC call 25 October 2006

15:00 - 17:00 UTC WEDNESDAY 25 OCTOBER 2006


   Peter Borresen
   Jon Bosak (chair)
   Tony Coates
   Mavis Cournane
   Mike Grimley
   Betty Harvey
   Zarella Rendon
   Andy Schoka
   Paul Thorpe


   Additions to the calendar:

      ACTION: JB to correct the UN/CEFACT entry for March 2007
      (U.S. venues appear to be off the table).

   Review of Pacific call

      AS: Note that all MoU/MG material is on the ISO site:


      [If anyone has a more direct link, please let us know!]

      No other comments.


   Seasonal time change coming again; see


   Thus our schedule will change next week (the week of 30
   October).  Conveniently, however, we don't have to deal with
   this for a month, because (as usual) we will not be holding
   regular TC conference calls the week before and the week after
   the next f2f TC meeting (6-10 November).  So this Atlantic TC
   call will be our last till 22 November.  The TC will, of
   course, remain active through email, and emergency work
   sessions will be scheduled as needed.  In particular, we may
   need to discuss the progress of UBL 2.0 through the OASIS
   Standardization process, so please hold open our usual meeting
   times just in case.

   ACTION: JB to prepare a message detailing the winter call


   Review of the draft SP schedule:


   We reviewed the schedule in detail; minor changes (too
   inconsequential to minute) will be included in the next draft.
   Key outcome: we are now planning to begin packaging the first
   edition of the SP in mid-January.


   AGREED to accept the offer from NIST to host our UBL TC meeting
   5-9 March 2007 in Gaithersburg, Maryland (near Washington,
   D.C.).  Visitor information can be found at


   Note that NIST runs shuttles twice an hour to and from the
   Shady Grove Metro station.

   MG: Will be staying at the Courtyard in Gaithersburg.

   JB: Staying in DC and taking Metro to Shady Grove sounds like
   more fun.

   MG: But Metro takes 45 minutes from downtown plus the shuttle
   ride... would add about two hours of travel every day.

   JB: Hm, maybe better to stay in Gaithersburg and take Metro
   into the city as desired. Let's discuss this further when we
   resume TC calls in November.

   ACTION: MG to request a presentation from NIST on their NDR
   quality-of-design tool.

   ACTION: JB to prepare a description of who we are, what we do,
   and what we will be doing during the meeting for circulation at

   JB: Regarding the May/June meeting in Ithaca: we've got a good
   meeting room reserved through the Engineering school at
   Cornell, and magnificent hotel rooms are available at the
   Statler (run by the Graduate School of Hotel Administration and
   located on campus about a block away from the meeting room) at
   rates that are about half of what's ordinarily charged.
   Unfortunately, the rates are contingent upon soon securing a
   guarantee from someone (OASIS or one of our corporate members)
   to pay for the rooms even if people cancel.  As we're unlikely
   to get such a guarantee, I intend to ask the Statler people
   whether we can secure rooms with individual commitments, and if
   so, by what date those commitments have to be made.  Assuming
   that the answer is yes, I'll be asking members in our next
   round of TC calls (the week of 20 November) who would be
   willing to commit by the cutoff date.  So please think this
   over and be ready to discuss.  Possible fallbacks include
   making hotel reservations off campus closer to the date of the
   meeting or simply holding the meeting at Sun offices in


   ACTION: JB to verify MHB attendance in Singapore.

      Done (but no reply yet).

   ACTION: MC to ping TM with copy to MG regarding the planned ATG
   NDR gap analysis call.

      MC/MG: We have signaled our willingness to participate and
      have been expecting a reply from Mary Kay or Jostein; we're
      still waiting.

      PB: Jostein says there is an ATG2 meeting 15 January, but he
      doesn't know where yet.

      TC: I'm supposed to be a member of the UN/CEFACT contingent
      to the gap analysis team, and I have received no notice
      about any of this.

      MC: Long-term planning is needed to arrange attendance; we
      told them this last time, when we were given just a few
      weeks notice to show up in Walldorf.  Now we're getting one
      week's notice regarding a requirements list [referring to
      message from Mark Crawford dated 20 October].  ATG is making
      no attempt to facilitate anything.  With a few good
      conference calls, we might not need to meet in person at

      Furthermore, we've received no comments on the UBL 2.0 NDR,
      which is in the middle of public review.  I'm a bit
      surprised that we haven't received any comments from ATG,
      given that we are supposed to be engaged in a convergence
      discussion.  This is when we could be working in advance on
      this.  I had hoped for a starting point in preparation for
      the gap analysis.

      JB: (Reviews correspondence between ATG2 and the UBL spec
      and NDR editors) It seems we have to reply to Jostein today.
      Key NDR business requirements not yet listed by ATG2 appear
      to include code list value validation methodology,
      extension, and global scoping.  (Agreed)

      ACTION: JB to reply to Jostein regarding NDR business
      requirements and meetings with UBL NDR editors.


   PB: Update on the UBL conference in Copenhagen: we now have 50
   people registered for the symposium, with more expected, and
   several sponsors, including Microsoft.  See ublconference.com .

   MC: Dial-ins to meeting in Singapore?

   JB: TBD.

   ACTION: MC/MG to set calling times for the NDR work in
   Singapore and let the rest of us know; the calls will of course
   be open to participation by members of the UBL/ATG2 gap
   analysis team.

Jon Bosak

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