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Subject: RE: [ubl] empty elements

Enforcing this via XML Schema could get a little messy:

    1. It can't be done in the UDT because we have adopted UN/CEFACT's; it is not ours to modify.
    2. In the CBC schema, we would have to change all the 'extensions' to 'restrictions', then make sure we include the 'languageID' attribute to each. This would require several rule changes.

Therefore, I guess the 'best' way to do it, if it is to be done, is via Schematron.

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Sent: Tuesday, 31 October 2006 0003
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Subject: [ubl] empty elements

The UBL 2 Specification disallows empty elements (the old IND5 and IND6 rule, now moved to UBL Spec).

Unlike the nillable attribute, this rule is not enforced by the XML schemas, at least not for string based data types. Shouldn't it be enforced?

I can see various options:
- a minLength facet (on UDT, or CBC?)
- and perhaps a pattern excluding blank strings

Or embedding it as a business rule, using Schematron.

Any views on this topic? Or have I overlooked something?


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