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Subject: Re: [ubl] Revival of the SBSC work,and a proposed home for the UBL customization work


| As part of the discussion at the plenary, I'd like to review the
| charter of SBSC and propose to revise it to encompass sample
| customizations and customization methodologies.  Can anyone think
| of a replacement expansion of the "SB" abbreviation other than,
| say "Sample Business Subcommittee" instead of "Small Business
| Subcommittee"?  Actually, perhaps we have to keep the name as I
| see it permeates the user interface for the subcommittee.  We may
| have to just recast the charter document and subcommittee
| description to say that small business is just one target for
| customization.

Sorry that this will probably be coming in after your discussion
in Singapore, but for what it's worth, I think that keeping the
name is the easiest alternative, and I think it's reasonable to
extend the charter to customization (because after all, the SBS
was our customization exercise).

| There isn't yet a home put aside for 
| customization, and I propose that this be it.  On 
| the UBL home page we could describe the SBSC as 
| the subcommittee for customization of UBL for 
| small business and other deployments ... or some 
| such, I'm not very good at wordsmithing.  But we 
| would somehow make it clear that is where to go 
| when you want to deploy a customization of UBL.

Sure, why not.  Or we could just say "for historical reasons,
early UBL customization work took place in the SBSC, and it has
remained the home for work on UBL customization methodology."

Or we could revive the Tools and Techniques SC.


The apparatus is all in place, the name works well, and there
wouldn't be any confusion about a focus on small businesses.
Something to think about.

The Implementors SC is available, too.  Its original charter has
nothing to do with customization, but the name works.


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