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Subject: Highlights (not really minutes) from the Singapore Plenary MeetingNov 6-9 2006

Highlights from UBL Plenary Meeting in Singapore from Nov 6 - 9 2006

Our appreciation goes to CrimsonLogic and ITSC for their wonderful 
support and hospitality during the meeting.

Mavis Cournane
G. Ken Holman
Tim McGrath (acting chair)
Yukinori Saito
Andy Schoka
Kamarudin Bin Tambi
Chin Chee-Kai (also ITSC - IETC XML WG Chair)

Opening Plenary Guests:
Robert Chew - ITSC Chairman
Pei Wee - ITSC Secretariat
Anne Hendry - past member OASIS UBL TC

Invited guests and observers:
Wednesday: Brayan Cutinha, Kian Fong, Rajesh (CrimsonLogic)
Thursday. Rajesh, Cristopher Marmita (CrimsonLogic)

By teleconference:
Jon Bosak (Opening Plenary)
Peter Borresen (Danish Report)
Roberto Cisternino (International Data Dictionary discussion)

Monday 6th November
Opening plenary
Welcome from Robert Chew (Chair ITSC, Singapore)
Acting chair's opening remarks 

Subcommittee and team reports
(these came in over the week but for convenience they are listed here)

Danish project status (Peter Borresen) 

Transportation Subcommittee report (Kamarudin Bin Tambi) 

Japanese Localization Subcommittee report (Yukinori Saito) 

Spanish Localization Subcommittee report (Oriol Bausa) 

Procurement Subcommittee report (Mark Leitch):
1. NES customisation continues apace and we intend to use the UBL 
Conference as a vehicle to expand the UBL subset further across Europe
1. we will engage with IDABC to seek their help / funding at a European 
2. we will use the UN/CEFACT convergence as a level to this end as this 
squares the IDABC/CEN circle even if that is stretching the metaphor too far
* UBL is the useable stepping stone to a unified UN/CEFACT standard
2. We continue with the aforementioned convergence work with a three day 
meeting with TBG1 at the end of this month. This will address Purchase 
Order at a BRS level.
1. we have already done Invoice, Credit Note and Remittance Advice.
2. we were encouraged by the reception we got in New Delhi, but the 
deeper we look into CEFACT the more blurred our vision becomes.
3. it appears that the convergence could be a) the catalyst for some 
major sorting out in CEFACT, b) for some, an irritant or c) both.
4. we can help with some of the sorting out, but we do not own the 
problems for the PSC, specifically, the TBG1/TBG2 issue.
3. The NES customisation is, of course, highlighting some omissions and 
errors (I like to call them Œtypos¹) in 2.0
1. e.g. the absence of Payment on Statement Line
2. we will have to defer some of these to 2.1

UN/CEFACT collaboration (Tim McGrath) (see presentation at 

UBL 2.0 International Data Dictionary (IDD)
Joined by teleconference by Roberto Cisternino (Chair, Italian 
Localization Subcommittee)
Roberto agreed to build a prototype of the template for the UBL 2.0 IDD 
based on samples from Japan. Once finalized and agreed each Localization 
subcommittee will be given the template to complete their translations.
Schedule for delivery will depend on each SC. JPLSC estimated 9 months 
for their work and ITLSC estimated 3-4 weeks. Other subcommittees such 
as Chinese (Simplified), Spanish and the yet to be formalized Danish 
group are well advanced in their translation work.

UBL structural review (discussion deferred to conference calls - need to 
add an agenda item)
Refocus SBS into general customization work?
Japanese Coxec project is similar to SBS - is SBS just a form of 
Review work plan against existing structures.

Tuesday 7th November
Code List Value Validation Methodology (CLVVM)
Ken explained CLVVM to the plenary and got useful feedback. A further 
edition is planned. It was noted this CLVVM is not a UBL dependent 
thing, the title was chnaged to reflect this. Also we noted that while 
is says code list it really applies to any type of value validation.

Support package
Sample Implementation Guide from Denmark
Andy walked through Danish edition and identified areas of interest. It 
was noted that English translations are underway. We agreed the format 
of this could be copied for BITS (and other UBL profiles)

UBL Customization Methodology
Round table dicsussion on the meaning and practice of customization. 
Agreed that Mavis (and maybe Mike) become custodians of the 
customization position paper and incorporate the comments from the 
meeting. A new version could be published early in 2007.
We realized that customization of the model and their expression in 
documents where different issues. It may be the UBLExtensions has some 
limitations (as per email from Juha). Further discussion is required on 
how UBLExtensions works in practice. Maybe we need some guidance 
statements on how to use UBLExtension meaningfully.

Wednesday 8th November
Support package
Basic International Trade Scenario (BITS)
Walk through the current package and indetified incomplete items. walked 
through a sample document (Waybill) to establish proporties for the 
scenario used by BITS. Agreed we need to complete sample instances as 
soon as possible.
Do we need a ebBP model for BITS? Depends on the schedule.

UBL NDR/ ATG2 NDR gap analysis
Agreed that UBL should accept the offer to participate with ATG2 in the 
development of the next version of their NDRs. Mavis and Mike to 
organize how best to achieve this.

Thursday 9th November
New TradeNet XML message design feedback
New TradeNet is the next generation of Singapore's successful TradeNet 
Port EDI system (one of the world's largest).
CrimsonLogic explained the design decision that led to their 
customization of UBL for Import and Export Declarations. Their goal was 
to replciate the EDIFACT documents using UBL. They estimated that they 
got 60% from UBL and followed UBL methodology for the remainder.

Further discussion on Customization/Action Plan
Useful feedback from TradeNet allowed us to recognize the great value of 
having consistent guidelines in this area. We know at least 2 (maybe 3) 
groups all customizing UBL for customs documents and we want to ensure 
they can synhcronize their customizations.

Closing Plenary
Schedule review
It was noted we have 3 meetings next year in the eastern North America 
(and none in Europe). This needs some discussion by the TC. Maybe we can 
look at co-locating with other groups such as the UN/CEFACT forum.

Marketing and promotion of UBL 2.0
General discussion about new ideas for marketing. Key points suggested 
- establish a UBL Blog
- publication of articles and conference papers
- repeat events such as the UBL Symposium
- additional open source tools such as Open Office templates and a UBL 
broswer plugin

OASIS document posting 101
Ken has noted that posting documents to OASIS using default settings 
means that access is for OASIS members only. this is not what we intend. 
He will post instructions how to ensure that all UBL documents are 
accessible by anyone.

Procedures for maintenance of UBL 2.0 (versioning,etc.)
discussion deferred to conference calls. (need to add an agenda item for 
weekly calls)

Post-Plenary Workshop Friday 10th November
HISC revival and stylesheet work
Attendees: Ken, Andy, Tim, Kama, Brayan Cutinha, Kian Fong
Experts from CrimsonLogic joined to start work on the mapping for UN 
Layout Key formats for CoO. Mappings will be based on smaple document 
instacnes not on the entire document model.

tim mcgrath
phone: +618 93352228  
postal: po box 1289   fremantle    western australia 6160
web: http://www.portcomm.com.au/tmcgrath

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