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Subject: Re: [ubl] Draft IDD 2.0 templates


| I made the Common library spreadsheet that contains Business Process column.
| I attached the Common library spreadsheet for JPLSC use.
| I would like to use this spreadsheet for our Japanese translation.

We need to discuss this during the conference calls next week.

Among the questions I have:

 - If this is useful for JPLSC, then why not for all of us?

 - If this is useful only for JPLSC, what are the implications for
   making an integrated IDD?

 - Judging from the example, the only two "business processes" are
   "Procurement" and "Transportation."

    - Is this a useful distinction?

    - What do we do with information items that are used both for
      procurement and for transportation?

    - The business process assignments in the spec are much finer
      grained (Create Catalogue, Ordering, Fulfilment with Receipt
      Advice, etc.).  Why are we not using those?

Note that I am not saying that I think the Business Process column
is not useful.  I just want to be clear on how best to implement this


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